Student Athletes job?

Bush ,Joel. (2017) .Student of Professional Athlete-Tax Implications in the United States if College Athletes were to be Classified as Paid Employees. Vol.68

Joel Bush as assistant professor in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University discusses one angle that has not been fully examined and that is always important in any economic evaluation of a sports enterprise , including that at the university level, is the tax ramifications to both student-athletes and universities should these challenges be successful and students athletes be classified as employees. Bush’s purpose is to provide a practical context of these legal challenges and the various tax-related problems and possible solutions in a scenario where student-athletes were to be treated as employees . Readers who will find this article interesting are those interested in the many controversies surrounding college athletics, particuallary football. This article is also an academic journal.

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Sports Heritage Re Imagined

Moore, Kevin . (2008). Sports Heritage and the re-imaged city: The National Football Museum , Preston , Vol.14 Issue 4, p445-461. 17p

Moore discusses how sports is increasingly a part of the regeneration strategies of British cities and there is an increasing connection between sports and culture within these strategies. The target audience for this article are those exploring the culture of sports and how they have evolved over time in Britan. The main goal of the article is to show the development of this museum as a case study of sports heratiage in urban cultural regeneration.

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National Sports Museum

Clyne , Jo. “Interactive History at the National Sports Museum” , Agora ; JUN2016, vol.51 Issue 2 ,p71-73 ,3p

In this article Jo Clyne explores some of the learning resources developed by the History Teachers Association of Victoria (HTAV) for The National Sports Museum (NSM) that helps students appreciate sport as a medium for reflecting Australias cultural and social history. It mentions that NSM’s curators and audience development team with the history of school based australian football.It also mentions that different experiences and perspectives of australian experiences and perspectives of Australia democracy and citizenship. Given its publication in aa university press, the intended audience is an audience of academics, likely in the fields of athletic studies .

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Olympic Hall

Ramshaw ,.G (2010). Living Heritage and the Sports Museum; Athletes , Legacy and the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum, Canada Olympic Park,… Journal of Sport & Tourism Feb2010,Vol.15 Issue 1, p45 26p.

Gregory Ramshaw the assistant professor at the Department of Parks , Recreation & Tourism Management at Clemson University discusses how museums are sites of cultural production, although what kind of culture they produce , and to what end, has changed considerably in recent years. He offers his insight on this issue through a study (conducted by himself) that examines the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum at Canada Park in Calgary , Alberta, Canada. Readers who will find this article interesting , could range from sports enthusiast to a regular fan of olympic sports. This publication is indeed an acedemic journal, because of the academic language and structure.

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