Sample Bibliography

Authors Page, M.C, Hurley, J.H., Collins, B., Glover, J.B., Bryant, R., Clark, E., Davis, M., Gue, R., Van Horn Melton, S.,  Miller, B.,  Pierce, M.L., Slemons, M., Varner, J. and Wharton. R. argue that a successful, interdisciplinary collaboration is possible to yield advances in digital historiography. The article provides examples of technology that is used by students along with historical context to help bring about about an innovative approach of remapping Atlanta’s past. The main goal of the “Digital Atlanta” article is about Georgia State and Emory Universities combined efforts throughout digital projects to address Atlanta’s archaeological built environments and past achievements through digital databases such as; geo-databases, spatial history tools and digital map collections. The target audience of this article are those to work and inhabit the city of Atlanta. This is known from the consistent use of the pronoun, “we”. This implies that the authors are communicating as a whole/community. City planners, historiographers, archaeologists, urban geographers, people in CIS professions, and students who study government, geology/geography, history, information systems, or modeling may find this work useful because this article collaborates varied and specific skills from numerous professions on the history of Atlanta along with the process of a digital remapping of the city. This cross section of skills provides reference for students and professionals as to how their abilities continue to contribute to a greater understanding of history and science.

In College Football, Taking Hits on Twitter Is Part of the Game (AB#3)

The Associated Press; In College Football Taking Hits On Twitter Is Part Of The Game; The New York Times (2017)

The bigger the stage, the more fans talk about and taunt college players behind a Twitter handle.Most players try to restrain themselves from firing back. Throughout the article , the associated press points out numrous situations where college football players have been threathend or talked down uopn via social media in particular on twitter.Theres alot of evidence where actual players hace been targarted with threats such as ;Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware is his team’s top tackler and a lightning rod for criticism on Twitter. Some of the posts curse him; others he laughs off. This article can open alot of peoples eyes who think that athletes have it all good and that everyones a fan of what they do, when thats definatly not the case just as much as theirs a group of fans that love us theres another group thats hate us even more.

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Pets, Car Repairs and Mom: How College Football Players Use Their Stipends (AB#2)


Giles, Ray…The New York Times , Jan (2017)

Ray Giler , a senior writer for The New York Times shares how college football players use their stipend checks. In this article Giler shows readers exactly how most college football players spend their monthly stipend checks; none of its on “junk” and its almost always never enough. The stipends, which are meant to cover costs not included in a traditional athletic scholarship, have been allowed since before last season. The move came after the Power 5 conferences, acting with the autonomy newly granted them by the N.C.A.A., voted to enlarge the grant-in-aid given to scholarship athletes to include the full cost of attendance. That figure is the more expansive measurement that every college already calculates, and it encompasses expenses like rent, cellphone bills and trips home. Giler has interviewed multiple players from Clemson University to The University Of Washington and has gotten their testimony on how they spend their checks , and this is concrete examples for people to look at. How the players use the stipend money is up to them. Before his car repair, Deon Cain used part of his to cover the $100 fee his younger brother needed to play football at his high school. Clemson Tigers right guard Tyrone Crowder said he decided to spend some of his on a pet but, unable to keep a cat or dog where he lives, he bought a fish tank instead. “Fish are relatively cheap,” he said. Fans interested in what goes on behind the scences of college football particualry with the players would find this article very intersting and Im pretty sure it would shock alot of readers.

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Should college athletes be paid? (AB#1)

Blake Marshall and Jared Walch , the sports writers for The Daily Utah Chronicle argues that athletes should be paid for their performances . College athletics is big business. In fact, the state of Utah’s highest paid public official is Kyle Whittingham (University of Utah Head Football Coach) .Millions of dollars are spent updating stadiums, training facilities and other areas of athletic departments, all for “amateur” athletes to compete. In the article,  Marshall points out how student athletes contributes to their respective university , and the revenue that is coming in; from video game sales and jersey sells. Furthermore, athletes work more than most students. The NCAA has a regulation that is intended to limit training for players to 20 hours per week. In 2011, the NCAA survey conducted in 2011, Division I football players averaged 43 hours a week. Baseball came in second with 42.1 hours and men basketball came in third with 39.2 ( Marshall & Walch ). The NCAA has a regulation that 50% student athletes have to graduate is very loose, but in order to keep the mindset of a student-first mentality, college athletes are not “paid” (Marshall &Walch 2016). The purpose of this article is to help “shine the light” on athletes being mistreated and abused by major colleges and universities. Those who will find this article most useful are fans interested in college football and the players , and the daily struggles would find this article interesting also people who play the NCAA football video games, because it will answer a lot of their questions and wonders .

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College Football HOF Obseravations

  • From the ouside street view the musuem is shaped like half of a football
  • Street view from Marietta st NW
  • Building is shaped like half of a football
  • Burnt orange almost brown colored
  • Hundreds of helmets
  • Varoius colors and symbols
  • The whole wall is made of helmets from different college football programs
  • Helmets hide the staircase
  • This is the hiesman trophy
  • Its locked is a clear case
  • Huge Bronze Trophy
  • John Hiesman doing the “hiesman”
  • Located on the 1ST floor
  • IMG_1609
  • Heres the entire 1ST floor
  • All of the trophies and awards and fooball memorbilia
  • This years Hiesman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson
  • Heres his own case
  • Inside includes his Cardinal red jersey and chrome red helmets all signed by him


College Football HOF (subjective)

Upon my arrival at the College Football Hall of Fame ; I walked through the double sliding doors and was greeted by a young lady wearing college football fan attire.  She advised me to register for my all access pass, telling me that it would boost my overall fan experience while I visited . After I finished my registration process I stopped and took a look at the huge wall made from football helmets from every program in the nation and somehow while I was registering they found out the school I was representing which was Georgia State and they had our GSU football helmet lit up so I could see it in the midst of the hundreds of other helmets on the wall. I then proceeded to walk up the flight up stairs to the 1st floor of the museum ;which was filled with memorabilia and trophies from the National Championship , Hiesman , Doak Walker awards. Something that intrigued me was that every time I got close to a screen , highlights and pictures of GSU football started to play because it recognized my badge that was assigned to me at registration; I found this really cool and unique. After I finished looking at all the different trophies and jerseys from college football legends ; I went into the theater room and watch a 15 minute long video  about how each quarter in the game of football translates to different stages in life and how to overcome adversity and deal will all the sudden changes life throws at you. Once the video concludes you exist around a staircase on to the 2nd floor which is how this comes to an end as I only will be using the 1st floor for my BED.