Controversies of College Football

There has been a long history of controversies in college football from the
*Baylor University sexual assault scandal=3 Baylor university football players and a fraternity president have been charged with sexual assault since 2014 , casting a harsh light on the worlds largest baptist university.Their coach Art Briles ignored multiple reports and complaints that his star players were sexual predators .
*Johnny Bright incident=  A violent on field assault against African American player by a White player Wilbanks Smith during a college football game back in 1951
*Clemson University steroid scandal= In januaray of 1985 the university of clemson
*Native American mascot controversy= Cleveland Indians & Washington Redskins
*Penn State child sex abuse scandal= Joe paterno
*University of North Carolina academic athletic scandal= teachers passing athletes who were realling failing
**Homosexuality in American football

Photo By: Ricy Moon (SEC)


  1. The University of Baylors Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator Art Briles is still recognized in the museum (for having the top rated scoring offense in the country) yet in still the university and coaches /players are under investigation for the sexual assault scandal.
  2. Penn States legendary head coach Joe Paterno has a vitural statue inside the museum despite him being found guilty and being fired for sexual abuse of young boys.
  3. Clemson University which is now one of the most storied and popular collegiate football programs in America; And now national champions have a room dedicated to themselves and the history of clemson football.The steriods scandal is mentioned nowhere.