What’ll ya have? (subjective)

My experience at The Varsity was great, It never fails every time I go ;I enjoyed the atmosphere and of course the food. The staff is always helpful and taking orders swiftly. The purpose of my trip this time wasn’t just for the great eats , but I had to complete a Built Environment Description for my GSU English 1102 class; which was me basically describing the environment (The Varsity) very detailed.It may not make any sense when reading or you may feel that I’m “doing too much” but once you understand the objective of the assignment everything will make perfect sense. I didn’t stay too long this time ; only for about 25 minutes ; I just ordered my food , took notes, and ate as quickly as possible . Ill always be back because its truly legendary to the scenery and culture of the city of Atlanta.


What’ll ya have?

What’ll ya have?
Atlanta ,Georgia
The Varsity

Located at 61 North Avenue NW , The Varsity is legendary to the city of Atlanta. Also the largest drive-in in the 1950’s, with over 100 car hops, The Varsity has maintained its legacy for over 85 years.
Upon my arrival through the rear parking lot, I see multiple workers taking orders outside and cars coming in and out. Red hats moving fast trying to get orders made as quick as possible.Then I proceed to enter the side entrance into the restaurant. As soon as I walk through the doors I see memorabilia of the city of Atlanta:old records, posters of artist and historical figures. I see the booths, and on the tables the sport-red squeeze bottles of ketchup and race- yellow bottles of mustard. Bleach white salt shakers .

I decided to take a seat at one of these booths after ordering my food, So I could examine the place more in depth and from the perspective of a customer eating. There were cocaine white napkins on the table : and of course the sport- red ketchup and race- yellow mustard bottles . Then my food; 2 hot dogs covered in chili-red chili sauce with white diced onions on top and golden-melted cheese, all smudged into 2 perfectly brown buns. In my red “Varsity” logo’d cup; a pitch-black liquid “Coke” and over to the side sat my honey-golden fried onion rings which sat in a white “Varsity” logo’d container. From this point of view I also took notice of the televisions they had playing in the far right corner of the dinning room, in which I sat was a small black box playing the local news (CNN) . I also took notice of the floors painted as a checkerboard black and white with little flickers of granite mixed. If you look you’ll also find a red oval with the writing “The Varsity” inside it .