In College Football, Taking Hits on Twitter Is Part of the Game (AB#3)

The Associated Press; In College Football Taking Hits On Twitter Is Part Of The Game; The New York Times (2017)

The bigger the stage, the more fans talk about and taunt college players behind a Twitter handle.Most players try to restrain themselves from firing back. Throughout the article , the associated press points out numrous situations where college football players have been threathend or talked down uopn via social media in particular on twitter.Theres alot of evidence where actual players hace been targarted with threats such as ;Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware is his team’s top tackler and a lightning rod for criticism on Twitter. Some of the posts curse him; others he laughs off. This article can open alot of peoples eyes who think that athletes have it all good and that everyones a fan of what they do, when thats definatly not the case just as much as theirs a group of fans that love us theres another group thats hate us even more.

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